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Christmas : How to get your house ready


Relax, sit back and enjoy! These great ideas will help you get over that overwhelmed feeling thinking about all the celebrations, parties, home decorations.


Christmas season is like Chinese New Year when preparation is always the busiest time. Start by cleaning the house from the common area where it will be more traffic. Spend more time to clean these areas as you don’t want to make bad impression to your guests. Move on to other hard to reach (dangerous) area such as external area of the windows, balcony; these areas should be only done when you have safety equipment at home, otherwise, it is recommended to hire professionals to do it for you. Moreover, leather or fabric attached furniture such as sofas, chairs, needed to be done with special chemical solutions. These can be found easily at any local Homefix stores.

Project by My Reno Diary

Part of the cleaning process also including decluttering and re-arranging. Throwing away unused items, expired products and replace with new ones to make the house more presentable. 

Touching up

Houses in high-rise building are opts to weather damages, paint wear and tear. Hence, painting and touching up damaged area is important to make the house as good as new. If you are thinking about giving a fresh look to your home instead of regular maintaining, choose a completely new color or take advices from your interior design firm. You might be surprise on how inexpensive it is to have your home renovate for a fresh look within a short time frame.

Project 164 Rivervale Crescent by Desire Houzz

Project 505 Bukit Batok by My Reno Diary

Awake all your senses.

Christmas is all about the irresistible smell of cinnamon, lavender, herbs and spices blend to create a unique scent. A beautiful platter of tea lights, flower petals, accompanied with the coziness feeling from hot tea, roasted turkey, the festive atmosphere is completed.

Craftsman  by Go Make Me

Changing drapes and sofa covers is another way to awake your sight sense. Red, green, white is the way to go. Take a trip to Ikea at weekends to look at the seasonal collection. You might be able to pick something unique for your festive home decoration.

Christmas dinner:

Eating good foods with good companies is the main activity for any festive season. Let alone, Christmas is one of the biggest holiday of the year. If you are hosting Christmas dinners this year, be creative on your choices of dishware. You can try new ideas by mismatch different designs and patterns. The key here is to have single color table cloth, uniform glasses. The rest of the table set up is up to your imagination.


However, if you are not into colorful, bold table setups, you can just stay on with your simple choice of one solid color but a touch of festive decoration such as a vase with red roses or a mini Christmas tree. Sometimes, festive doesn’t have to be ornate but it’s all about the level of coziness you can bring to the table.

After all, Christmas season is the time to surround yourself with your loved ones, to celebrate beautiful moments together.