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House vs Kids: 5 things to look for


No parents will agree life is easier with children. Absolutely, life can be more colorful but the struggle with kids is real.

If you are planning to have children somewhere in the future or you already have, designing or renovating a house needs to involve children-friendly checklist. This checklist not only helps you to free your mind for other important planning ides but also to ensure safety and comfort for your children, yourself in the new home.


  1. Kitchen door is a must.

Children, at this age, they are curious about everything in the world. One of the biggest mystery of the universe to them is what’s going on in the kitchen. Snacks in the fridge, many colorful, fancy utensils to explore, shelves and cabinets to climb on, these are the missions for every single child when they first enter the kitchen.

Thus, it is important that you gate off the premise since it’s not safe with gas, stove, and flammable items. Sliding doors with locks or glass door can help you to keep your eyes on the little ones while being away in the cooking area.

Project 291 Compassvale Street by Imagine by SK66


Project 635A Senja Road by Superhome Design


  1. Built-in shelves.

Built-in shelves or large shelves can give more storage option for family’s stuffs without having to buy so many container boxes placing everywhere in the house. A display shelf in the living room with lock can be a great idea when it comes to finding a toy your kid is asking for. Ideally, you should only display figures on the shelves and the rest inside the below cabinet.

Project Condo Forestville by Living Gaia


  1. Entry storage.

From the big shoulder bag with endless items come with just having kids in the house to the car seats or folding strollers, all these things are easily to forget if you are first time parents. Thus, having an entry storage to store everything you need for kids-day-out will help you saving the time spent running around the house to pick up all the things you need.

Project Sky Park Residences by Summit Design Studio


Project Still Mansion by Feraph Atelier


  1. Kids play ground.

Having extra space can come in handy when you have children. Although this can come as an expense now but when your child reaches teenager, you can transform this area into a study or home office room. In addition, kids play ground room can be used to store away containers of used toys that your children no longer play.

Project 291 Compassvale Street by Imagine By SK66


  1. Setting up outdoor playground.

It’s always better for your children to be able to soak in the morning sun while playing with their favorite stuffed toys. Moreover, since children nowadays are so dependent on Ipad, Iphone, Television programs to keep them entertained, having an outdoor area can encourage physical activities, promote healthy routines.

However, it’s crucial to make sure you are carefully watching your children while they are enjoying the fresh air. If it’s possible, you can build a higher fence (ideally 150 centimeters) so that they can’t reach up and climb over the balcony’s protecting bars.

Project The Sea View by Brenterior