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Renovating home: When you can afford for a little more upgrade's Projects

Remember the time when we discuss about renovation budget?

The first and foremost step of any budgeting process is to determine what you can and can’t afford. If you are working with an interior designer, you can trim off certain expenses since they can offer alternative inspirations without costing a fortune. Since you have saved on budget, why not invest in some “nice-to-have” upgrades that could make your home more unique and personalized?

  1. Customized-painted cabinets:

Customized-painted cabinets are usually more expensive than those on the catalogue, but having your furniture coated in one and only color palette will make a new home unique. Moreover, this is a great idea for future upgrade when you are not engaging any professional. If you choose to extend your kitchen station with more cabinets in later years, the chance is the current design has gone out of production. Thus, by choosing a similar design and spray it to match with the existing ones will save you so much time and effort. All you need to do is to keep the paint code or buy some extra cans kept in the storage.

Project by Dzign


  1. Designated oven area.

Having a place ready for the oven when remodeling the kitchen seems unimportant but in fact, it should be one of the priority to upgrade. A special designed space for the oven means that socket, electricity wires are within oven distance. Hence, this allows no clutter on the workstation or extension laid all over the floor just because the socket is too far away from the microwave.

Project Sunflower Condo by Summit Design Studio


Project 687 Jurong West Central by MyReno Diary


  1. Glass cabinets.

Customized glass cabinets in the kitchen are usually not available on the catalogue. Is it a worth “upgrade”? Yes, if you are the one love to display items and easily to forget where are all the tools allocated. Also, similar to cabinet designs, cabinets pieces are not easy to find after one or two seasons. Therefore, having a glass-fronted cabinetry can be pocket-friendly when it comes to future replacement.

Project 615B Keat Hong Link by MyReno Diary


  1. Unique tiles.

When choosing tiles with your designer, most of the time, they will show you the range of tiles that could match well with the interior of the house. The range also will vary from inexpensive to more expensive but more unique.

If you are those fancy trendy, sophisticated designs, you should choose the one based on your preference. Also, if important to note that, if you are trying to skim off this expense by going for regular tiles, it would be a big hassle in the future if you want to change to something else more unique. When weighting between cost and benefits, you should take into consideration future possibility whether you would likely change your mind.

Project by Imagine by SK66


  1. Marble

A marble plated top is expensive but if you are in excess from your renovation budget trim-off, why not go for this idea?

A few marble finishes here and there can instantly add style into the living space.  

Project by Brenterior

Also, consider the most common benefit of using marble countertop is the ease to wash and clean without having to buy special solution when it comes to other materials such as woods.


Project 298A Compassvale Street by Modern Haus Renaissance


  1. Protective carpet pad.

Since carpet selections are available all year round. You would not have any problem finding a similar carpet anywhere. However, with current carpet, you can upgrade it by adding another layer of padding. This upgrade is inexpensive yet a great protective to prolong the life of your carpet.

Project Bartley Ridge Condo by Imagine by SK66


Project Bishan Street 24 by Met-Interior

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