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Small home interior design: Why floating wall shelves are better than bracket shelves's Projects

Ask any interior design company to choose between floating wall shelves and bracket, they would prefer the earlier. This is due to the elegant look and minimalist emphasis of floating wall shelves that all supporting brackets are hidden.

But does the outlook justify the functionality?

The answer is yes. Since floating wall shelves are hidden steel brackets fixed tightly to the wall by screws, it can hold more heavy-duty materials. Moreover, in comparison to traditional bracket wooden shelves, floating wall offers more range of materials such as steels or cooper which are more durable and last longer. Thus, not only they are used for displaying wall decorations, small plants and figures, but also these shelves are great for storage purposes: books or simply an addition to kitchen cabinet.

Below are some Floating Wall Shelves Design Ideas that have been implemented successfully and satisfactorily by our interior design firms.

Hougang Ave 8 by Sunhub Interior

The floating shelves add elegance to the overall warm and cozy feeling of the living room. The cohesiveness in term of color arrangement make it blended evenly into the big picture without creating a sense of overdone decoration.

268 Punggol by Summit Design Studio

A creative way to use floating shelves as studying table and bookshelves instead of studying table which is more sturdy and bulky.  This design idea blows a new breeze to the studying environment where tends to be more functional.

Fiorella Design from St.Clarence Renovation

Stainless steel shelves tend to be more durable and lasts longer than traditional wooden ones. These are perfect for kitchen setup as they are easy to clean, not prone to water damaged or mold due to high humidity in the kitchen.

Baldwin One by Wanda Ely Architect Inc.

A great touch of color on overall white wall that is not only makes the bathroom look more chick but also helpful in storing necessities.

Blutter Shiff Design Associates

Great storing ideas for books, figures and family photos to bring out the coziness and enhance the overall look of the living room.

The Urban Executives by More Design + Build

Another bathroom shelves idea that is not only visually simple but modern.


Weyand Residence by Jackson Design & Remodeling

A great balance of color arrangement in term of shelves and kitchen tools, the white color is used as a base to display all the colorful kitchen wares used by the homeowner.

Floating wall shelves are not only versatile in terms of materials, color, shapes, and sizes but also its usages. Whether it is placed in the bathroom or the kitchen or the living room, if done right, like any other interior design ideas, it will create an elegant appearance to the living space.

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