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LED Lights – the secret of making your home design looks fabulous's Projects

Years ago, when mentioning about using LED lights in interior design, more commonly, hotels and high-class bars are the main customers; One of the reasons is because LED lights offer a wide range of color spectrum from ultraviolet to funky bright red; also coming with different shapes and sizes, controllable with remotes, and easily fitted in any corner. In addition, lifespan of these lights is far longer, durable, making it extremely resources friendly to users. Making it impossible to deny the competitive edges in comparison to incandescent – regular bulb lights.

Gone is the days when being ordinary is a safe bet; in recent years, the rise of creativity in home design has grown stronger than ever – starts with the application of LED lights in more and more homes across Singapore from HDBs to condos to landed properties.


Recessed Ceiling Lights

Most HDBs ceilings are low, unsuitable for hanging fixtures lights but preferably, recessed lights. These are the best alternative to illuminate a small living space, yet offer an overall luxurious ambience.

Project The Anchorage – Design Houzz


Color Party

The great thing about LEDs is the huge selections of color choices that are not available in traditional bulb lights. Eventhough single color LEDs are more popular in the market, there are fittings can be set into any color by changing the intensity of the primary colors. With trusted interior design companies, these can be done professionally and satisfactorily. Especially in some projects, it is as innovative as having a software that allows homeowners to program color setting as desires. Imagine you can transform your house living room into a party-like room in just a switch of gear control and then program it to change color in harmony with music played. What could be better than that?

(Images: http://smarthomesng.com)



Since LEDs comes in different shapes and sizes, they can be the best tool to highlight certain premises such as stairways, underneath cabinets or tables or decoration items in the house such as paintings, photo frames, etc. Also, in Singapore where pray hall is one of the most important area of a house, LEDs light can be used to create a soft glow to the overall solemnity.

Project Sunflower Condo by Summit Design Studio


Light management

The last and the most popular use of LED lights is the convenience in managing lighting condition in the house. It doesn’t matter whether it is recessed ceiling lights or strip LED lights inside the dressing room, they are all dimmable and controllable via remote gears. These can be a great relief for families that have children usually struggle with finding a solution for their bedroom lighting since if it is too bright, the child can’t sleep, if it’s too dark, the child can’t sleep either.

Project SkyPark Residence by Summit Design Studio


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