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Coffee tables: When glass is the new trend's Projects

When it comes to living room, the attention usually goes to sofas, art decorations, but not the coffee table. This is probably because it is optional and other items seem to be a bigger part of the budget.

However, coffee table – when done right – can be a game changer. It can pull off the elegance for your living room without spending a fortune.

  1. Chrome details. 

Chrome details of the coffee table goes uniformly with all the pieces inside the living room. From lighting fixtures to television cabinet to the ceiling fan. The sleek look of the table creates a sense of calmness and elegance to the premise.

Project ForestVille by Desire Houzz

  1. Tinted. 

Glass coffee table goes exceptionally well with earthy, dark and green color since it does not add more color to the whole picture. A coffee table with a stand in similar color with other furniture can blend in perfectly. In addition, the modern and colonial design together with wooden stand glass coffee table create a warm and cozy feeling to anyone first steps into the house.

Project McNair by Living Gaia

  1. Slender. 

Nothing is more difficult than choosing coffee table for your living room when every other items are in the right places. Some owners decide to skip having one for this reason. However, think about how practical it would be to have something to put your coffee cup on while watching television? Our designer suggests the use of transparent (with no details) glass coffee table that will bring no unncessary clutter or mismatching issue to the living room.

  1. Industrial style.

A glass table that has sharp-edges, black, metal frame will bring out the personal statement you need for a plain, light color, boring looking living room.

Project by Modern Haus Renaissance

  1. Matching with other elements.

Take a look at the glass table below. The theme of this living room is modern, black color dominance. Thus, it would be a turn-off is the coffee table is in white or other color other than black. However, note that there have been too many black items in this room. Thus, having the coffee table in all black will bring out nothing special.

The interior designer of this house, however, has chosen a glass with black stand coffee table that picks up the carpet, the picture hanging on the wall as well as the sofa. Bringing elements together with this idea adds a final touch to create such a sleek look.

Glass table with wheels. 


A simple design with funky piece can contribute to industrial style of a living room. The curved rectangular table with seem-to-be unrelated items like wheels can surprisingly create a focal point for the whole area.   


Project 615B Keat Hong Link by MyReno Diary

  1. Round table:

Similar to tables with wheels, a round coffee table can draws attention to the center of the room. In addition, the circular design adds dynamic to the room when all other items: television, dining table, painting are in rectangular shapes. Thus, it creates a soften effect to the sharp look of the living room.

Project by Dzign Station

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