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Elegance An essential concept in interior design's Projects

Often, elegance in interior design is mistaken with luxurious decoration, furniture, exquisite designs, or labels. In fact, elegance is more about translucent quality that no money can be bought. So what is elegance in interior designs?

Elegance is the resistance from going overboard

Many homeowners love overdo when decorating their homes. They like to show more, add more, double the size of everything. As a result, the home turns out to look more like a beast rather than a beauty.


Project Punggol 268B by Summit Design Studio


Often, elegance completes minimalism – the art of being introspective showing scarcity in a beautiful manner – in a way that it adds harmony, connects every piece together with something delightful such as: a flower vase, a beautiful lighting fixtures, a painting, etc.


Elegance never ages. 

Trends may come and go like a blink in the eyes but true elegance gets better in time. Just like a few months back when the crowd got crazy over the Baked Cheese Tart hype with the line as long as an anaconda; now the queue is replaced by the strange emptiness triggering reminiscence.

Not as fast as foods industry, interior designs latest trends have been stayed on for more than a year: glitter decorations, LED lights, metallic – industrial additions. Soon will decay with the lack of personality, creativity.

On the other hand, classic pieces such as greenery, wooden textures make the living space go timeless.


Project Terrace Stirling Road by Imagine by SK66

Elegance is the details.

Eventhough Scandinavian style favors minimalism, it demonstrates elegance at its best with details-oriented characteristic. From a teapot to the coffee container to the candle holders, everything integrates into one perfect piece of elegance.

Project 207A Punggol by Summit Design Studio

Elegance is true personality.

Sometimes, elegance doesn’t mean you have to go safe on your choice of decoration or wall-paint color but to show-off your confidence, your true self.

It is true that social definition of elegance makes homeowners more afraid to experiment personal preferences. But taking the first step to seek out for advices from the professionals perhaps is the best way to tackle this problem.

Elegance is inexpensive. 

If you ever think elegance is defined by labels, then you are making a false assumption. Because showing off a branded item at the living room only shows wealth and status. These things are not the qualities of elegance.

Project Terrace Stirling Road by Imagine by SK66

David Lauer Photography

Elegance is “less is more”. 

As always, Elegance and clutter have no relation with each other. Clutter is a condition when everything is just built upon each other in no specific order. Elegance is created this way but having a sense of style when items are placed next to each other.

Project Terrace Stirling Road by Imagine by SK66

Elegance is comfort. 

At last, elegance should be laid on the foundation of comfort. You don’t see elegance in a tiny bed with no leg room, a design that has no practical use or whatsoever.

Instead, elegance can be a smart design that fits perfectly to your home, an item that brings both functionality and elegancy into the room.

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