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Why Wall Art Matters Most In Interior Design's Projects

We all can agree that art is an important aspect of our daily lives. However, too often, when renovating new homes, house owners treat them as afterthoughts because there are more things to work on. Here are our reasons why spending more time on wall art early will benefit you in the renovation process.

By Sequoia design studio

Instant color palette

Choosing a theme for your house can be a daunting facet since not everyone knows what they want until they are actually seeing it. Moreover, the amount of shades available for one color is just too overwhelming that it would take most of your time at this initial stage. Thus, you can start with a few wall arts that you love, pick the dominant color and spread out up to three palettes.

This will give you an instant visual of how your house theme will look like. From there, you can work on furniture, decorations, etc.


Project 431 Choa Chu Kang by My Reno Diary

A focal point

In interior design, building a focal point to draw eyes-attention is very important. This focal point will not only create long-lasting impression to the viewers but also act as the main theme to the living area.

Project by Living Gaia

The best way to choose a piece of wall art for your room is to choose the one goes with the function of the room. If it is the kitchen, you should choose a foods related painting. If it is the bathroom, ocean or relaxing painting will complement well. Alternatively, you can hang tapestries in dining area or living room instead of the common route: wall-paintings.

Texture emphasis

Here comes the most important aspect of interior design, the art of adding space to the room. A room with sturdy, wooden frame wall art gives the viewer an exciting, reckless feeling when steps into the room while wall-art with hanging greenery, soft texture can add calmness to rough industrial interior.

Project by 32 Ghim Moh Link by Superhome Design

Connect everything together

In Chinese culture there is always a belief that everything must be a balance between Yin and Yang. Lacking one element or having one less than the other will bring a sense of incomplete, unfinished to the big picture. The odds are that home owners often pay too much attention on matching rather than completing. A room that focuses on minimalism needs a touch of wholeness. A retro, vintage design yearns for modern characteristics to ease away the rigid principle of staying within the theme.

Wall art can finish, pull space together, add in or take away the element you are looking for. It is in the little details that a simple looking home can appear as if it comes straight out from the magazine.

The key to choose wall-art is to know your theme, understand the balance of your design and try to complete it with either Yang or Yin element.

Project Bartley Ridge Condo by Imagine by SK66

Final thoughts

When it is done right, wall-art can become your best assistance in designing your dream home. We all know decorating a new space is a difficult process for any first time owners, even if you are experienced, there will be always new puzzle to solve. Thus, using this as a guide for how to strategically plan and incorporate wall-art to your home. Last but not least, always discuss with your professional interior designer to make sure you are on the right track.


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