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Bedroom inexpensive transformation 's Projects

New paint color.

Giving the biggest impact to your bedroom with minimal spending, a new paint color will revamp the old look at instant. Better yet, go with bold colors such as red, purple, blue, yellow to create a personal statement when you are not ready to do it in your living room. Painting is an easy job that can be done by any homeowner within a few days. However, such job can be tiring if you are busy with work or family matters; thus having a contractor done for you can be a great choice.

Spice up your boring bedsheets and covers

Throwing away all your boring, plain bedsheets to replace with total new sets of covers. In Singapore, bedsheets are as cheap as a meal as a restaurant that cost no where above a few hundred dollars. Therefore, if you are looking for an inexpensive way to freshen up your bedroom, this could be the best alternative.

Project one by Asher Want Studio

Project Telok Blangah Way by Modern Haus Renaissance


Color-contrast items

The art of using color never gets old. Especially with the right mix, it can make your bedroom look more attracting and goes to the next level of makeover. Look for some easy items that can be found anywhere are throw pillows, blankets or decoration pieces hanging on the wall with color contrast to the wallpaper, the bedsheet, the flooring. Even a baby doll in pink and a blue cabinet can be a smart move.

Project The Anchorage by Desire Houzz

Cute, weird, whimsical additions.

Since the bedroom is the most intimate area of the house, addition such as a heart-shaped pillow or string of twinkle lights hanging around the windows or dropping down from the ceiling will bring fun and romance to the overall mood of the night. In fact, these items are cheap and can be found anywhere in supermarkets, not necessarily in IKEA or any specialized furniture store in Singapore.

Project Sunflower Condo by Summit Design Studio

Light up with an elegant lamp.

When it comes to bedside lamp, “don’t ever settle for less”. Gone are the days when lamps were there for the function of “shining through the darkness”. Nowadays, they are part of a beautiful bedroom picture that needed attention as much as other parts. Have a look at your lamps, are they boring looking? If yes, IKEA are overflowing with elegant, modern, creative looking lamps at sale prices every now and then. Go and get them!!!


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Project Bishan Street by Met-Interior

Holland Groove View by Design Houzz

Go eco-friendly.

Adding life to your bedroom is another great way to give your bedroom a fresh look. Eventhough having plants or potted plants in the bedroom are not good for your lungs at night, flowers vase is a better alternative since it is easy to be carried away at night and brought back in the daytime.


Project Bedok South by Design2U

Creating highlight to the floor.

Placing a rug or a carpet on the floor in the bedroom can make a significant impact on the bedroom background. Choose a rug that is not too thick due to the humid weather condition in Singapore. Also, it is important to have it washed or vacuumed regularly to avoid dust retention that can caused sickness to homeowners.

Project Lloyd Residence by Design2U

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