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The Art of furniture arrangement's Projects

Anyone who owns furniture cannot deny the fact that to find the best placement to maximize space without creating an ugly look is by far, the trickiest mathematic problem to solve. Especially with the limited space characteristics of Singapore’s households, interior designer companies play an important role in advising their customers on how to master the art of furniture arrangement.

Here are a few tricks suggested by our trusted home designers:

Know the measurement of your house.

To arrange a space, you must first know the size. This step sounds simple and easy but many homeowners usually overlook since they too rely on mere estimation and too rush in picking furniture. Thus, the suggestion here is to discuss thoroughly with your interior designer to make sure your expectations are addressed and met.

Smart furniture

Multi-functional furniture such as bedframe with cabinet or coffee table with hidden drawer are perfect for storage. Sometimes, these cabinets can be entirely replaceable for wardrobes, or even living room standing shelves; which as a result, creates more space to the house.

Project Holland Groove View by Design Houzz

Scaled furniture

One larger piece is better than many small items putting around the house. This is a common mistake made by many houseowners as the traditional thinking goes “it’s a small house, why would I want to purchase such a big sofa or big television?”. The important question here is to ask whether you one big sofa of 160cm X 80 cm which can accommodate 4 people would take up more space than 4 pieces of sofa of 80cm X 80 cm?

However, that does not mean that small items should be totally omitted in the overall arrangement. In fact, having one or two medium-sized accompanied with one larger sized will create a harmonious atmosphere, a pleasant look of the total outlook.


Project Boon Lay Ave by Desire Houzz

Smart use of mirror

The use of mirror in furniture arrangement has been utilizing for many decades with a space-enlargement effect on the eyes of the viewer. One of the best trick with mirror is to place it across the window to bring more lights to the room, and furthermore, makes a small room so spacious and inviting.

Project at Yishun Ring Road by Met-Interior

Project at Thomson Grove by Met-Interior


Getting rid of standing lights, big hanging ceiling lights by recessed lighting is a smart way to brighten a room without creating unnecessary mess. Also, having big windows without fences can further open the space of the living area since there seems to be no limit for one’s sight upon stepping to the room.

Project Hougang Ave 8 by SunHub Interior

Project by Asher Want Design

Project by Summit Design Studio

Spaces between furniture and flooring.

Tall furniture that reaches the ceiling can make the room look short. Similarity, a bed frame with no leg looks less ventilating as those can see through. Or another example is a wooden table will make the living room appear to be less open than a glass coffee table.

Project Punggol 268B By Summit Design Studio

Project by Asher Want Design

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